MMXVII is non-profit organization providing an integrated lifestyle, co-working office sharing space model where all that a women entrepreneur may need is provided on-site. From office space, to child care, to fitness center, seminars, life coaching, ministry, etc. and all at a reasonable cost, all is integrated in one building. Contact us and reveal the 2017 boss that you are! The Golden Age for women entrepreneurs has begun!

Who We Are.

A team of people who care, who know how hard it is to get a business started, but moreover, how to make it successful.

What We Do.

We provide all the tools needed to make your startup successful, no matter what your challenges are.

How We Do It.

We run as a nonprofit, which allows us to provide low cost, yet quality, services to our entrepreneurs.

Our 2017 Boss

Natacha Ciezki Wheatley

“As a woman entrepreneur, I have had and still have to overcome many obstacles in establishing my business. Those obstacles include juggling a family life with a professional life, while trying to stay physically and spiritually healthy, and continuously educate myself on basic and new business strategies, etc. without getting myself deeper into debt. Thus the idea of creating an organization that would meet women entrepreneurs’ needs came to me a couple of years ago as I was trying to figure out how to manage my startup and care for my new born baby. In this day and age, we need all the support we can get. But help is scarce and often, very pricey. But simply knowing that we are not alone is priceless. That is the vision behind MMXVII: ‘you are not alone! We are in this together! Tell me what you need and we will figure it out as a team!’” Natacha is a licensed attorney, solo practitioner, a former D1 basketball player, an entrepreneur, a US Army Officer, a philanthropist, a French/English interpreter, a real estate investor, a human rights advocate, a life coach, and a proud mother and wife.